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The most significant advantage of working for someone else (as opposed to being self-employed or an entrepreneur) is the security. You will most likely be under contract which guarantee your benefits and a certain pay. Being self employed, while you get to make your own decisions, you never have any guarantee that you'll get paid at the end of the day.

Being an employee involves taking orders. While supervisors or managers offer guidance, they also carry power. Even top managers take orders from a company's owner. Having a boss is considered a disadvantage when the boss is lacking or employees lack respect for, or confidence in, members of upper management. This can cause morale problems for employee(s) or Director(s) may put barriers in the way of a good manager performing their job.

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Opportunities for self-expression are sometimes restricted by dress codes and policies when you are an employee. Company uniforms and restrictions on hair length or number of earrings are examples. Company image can be a disadvantage for people with a strong need to assert individuality. Conversely, business owners may create their own dress codes and policies based on a combination of personal preference and market demands. Owners have the decision-making power, while employees do not.

As an employee, you are at risk of being laid off, fired or having your job title changed. For an employee who enjoys the prestige of a job title, the risk of having a job title changed may be disadvantageous. Owners can create their own titles and change them at will, while employees rely on the company's direction.

The scope of an employee's responsibilities in a company are often limited to the job description.

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